Sunday, 20 May 2012

Blonde badger /erythristic morph

I had heard the myths,but never seen any myself until now when one of the camera traps has picked up some snaps of the legendary blonde badger.Stories abound,some fantastical and far fetched like the one we heard as kids of blonde badgers being previously like normal black and white badgers but were thrown out of their setts in broad sunlight by the others for doing some cardinal wrong like fraternising with foxes and the harsh sun had bleached their fur.Never seen with the others they were relegated to a solitary life of loneliness while being even shirked by their former foxy friends who found the now weird looking blonde badgers not striking enough to hang about with.Other country myths said they were ghosts of badgers not quite in the process of leaving this earth and wandered about forever seeking that sett in the sky that eluded them.That superstitious rural Sussex of the early`70,s that i was brought up in has long gone along with the characters that I came across on my childhood ramblings but their stories still live on in memory as do my memories of them.....

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  1. We have regularly seen a badger that is the colour of a golden retriever- with a VERY slightly lighter mark on the top of the head; he or she raids the pheasant feeders at around 3am-

    DF West Sussex 31.5.2012