Friday, 26 August 2011

Roe buck following doe

I think i,ve found an explanation for the roe buck still sniffing one of his marker trees in the previous post,although the pic was taken on the 10th august i assumed the rut was over which it was but only just,for i,ve just found this sequence of pics from the 5th which quite clearly show the buck hot on the heels of "his" doe with his nose outstretched very near the does rump.This usually means mating is very near ,a matter of minutes,as the doe has successfully been broken down in her unwillingness for the buck to get close to her as not being herd animals rarely touch each other this is preceded by much chasing around by the buck but from a distance.Roe very often mate in the daytime and strangely enough hot sultry evenings in late july see a peak,there must be something in the air!
In the last pic the buck is seen sniffing the ground around midday.
The rut seems to always be later here than it does in other areas for some reason but i have seen i presume to be the same pair in the same field for the past couple of months and previous pics i,ve posted show buck hanging out with doe in the spring.Personally and i,m going out on a limb here,i think they sort of pair up in spring in a roe kind of way but being non-contact animals stay together for a bit then later keep their distance.They are not always completely monogamous though and implanting of the embryo is delayed till autumn i think.As for the does kid,well it,s left somewhere for the time being to it,s own devices but from now on will spend virtually all it,s time with it,s dam as future trail camera pics will hopefully show,it,s also from now onwards that fawnless does in area could show that a big cat has been actively pursuing them so i look out for this also.......

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