Thursday, 14 April 2011

Fox with baby rabbit in mouth

Sometimes i curse the angle i have set a cam,when i check to see what i have got there is only a tail in the picture at best,at worst nothing at all.
Not so today for this dog fox has caught a baby rabbit somewhere,probably in the field edge and has decided to bring it back here in front of the cam to eat it,all of it,because there doesn,t seem to be anything left of it. on the ground when he has finished.The baby boom of young rabbits is in full flood
now with hordes of them everywhere it seems and just about every predator capable of catching them is on them at the moment.I,ve noticed second litters to does that had the first ones early so with an average of 3 to a litter and 3 maybe 4 litters till august for the mature does that is one heck of a lot of rabbits.They soon get wise to their hunters too and adjust their feeding patterns some will also be digging summer bolt holes out in the open near where they feed to escape to when hard pressed,it may be easy pickings now for this fox but he will have to work progressively harder over the coming months to carrying on with this rabbiting caper,foxes adapt too though
and find plenty of other ways to fill their bellys........